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 • The format for Personal Property is all 9 digits, no dashes.
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REMINDER:   Occasionally, the parcel number for a real estate parcel changes, due to a parcel segregation or merge.  In such a case, a search of the new parcel number may not reflect tax delinquency or a full tax history concerning that parcel.  You may wish to contact us to obtain that information.  Or, you may wish to search all relevant parcel numbers of parcels involved in such a segregation or merge.  Click here to begin a search on this website to see if a parcel was involved in a segregation or merge occurring within the past five years and to see a list of parent parcel(s) and child parcel(s) involved.  NOTE: Information concerning a segregation or merge occurring more than five years prior to the search is not available on this website.

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     (If you are unable to locate your property and there are multiple owners, try the search again using an alternate owner's name.)
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 • Street Address must be entered for a Property Address search.  Enter street number followed by *street name*.
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 • An * (asterisk) may be used in the street number to provide a list of addresses on a block.
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